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Winner of the 2004 New York City “Battle of the Funny Bands,” Nathan Caswell writes songs with a quirky intelligence and a wry sense of humour, but don’t let your guard down. His work also transcends straight comedy to incorporate heartfelt emotion and complex themes – weaving the thoughtful with the playful – simultaneously drawing laughter and giving pause.

Nathan was raised in the north Ontario pulp town of Thunder Bay, where he got his start performing as a musical comedian. He has lived in Toronto, where he was nominated for the Tim Sims Award for outstanding young comic, and in New York City, where he won the "Battle of the Funny Bands." Presently, he lives in Burlington, Vermont.

updated 11/05

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Press Reviews

"A great voice, a flirtatious stage presence and a wicked sense of humour... hilarious."
- Paul Gessell, The Ottawa Citizen

"Nathan Caswell is my hero...Five Stars."
- Adrienne Ascah, The Ottawa Sun

"If you crossed Ogden Nash with Lenny Bruce and mixed in the sound of Cat Stevens... the most innovative and improbable rhymes in modern songwriting."
- Robert Enright, CBC Winnipeg

"The baby brother of the Barenaked Ladies and Billy Bragg."
- Jennifer Ball, Ottawa XPress.

"A little bit of Loudon Wainwright III and a little bit of Tom Lehrer."
- Marc Horton, The Edmonton Journal

"It’s so refreshing to see one guy and a guitar hold your attention... Nathan Caswell is a sarcastic, cerebral wit ready-made for CBC comedy. A Lorne Elliott in waiting."
- Frank Peebles, Prince George Free Press.

"An unexpected delight."
- Bob Fisher, The Satellite Newspaper (Hamilton)

"Caswell has a unique knack for letting go and letting the roof-brain chatter flow."
- Brent Linton, The Chronicle Journal (Thunder Bay)

"Caswell's lyrics are smart, interesting and original. He has a keen observational sense and is one of the most original young songwriting voices out there today."
- Rachel Jagt,

"Joyous rhyme and rewarding unpredictability."
- Kevin McCarthy's CD Reviews


"...The musical hit of the evening.  His wry and precocious wit moves the audience to laugh uproariously at his lyrics, and sing along with the chorus. Out of over thirty performers that I have hired for these shows, Nathan is the only person I have hired more than once - I know he will deliver a ‘bring the house down’ performance. I would wholeheartedly recommend Nathan for your entertainment. He is off and running headlong to success – so you better catch him while you can."
- Tracy Rideout, Producer, Comedy Development, CBC Radio

"Nathan Caswell was one of the highlights of this year's Live From the Rock Folk Festival.  His unique take on the world leads to quirky, poignant and frequently down right silly original songs with which he captivates audience members of all ages.  I would recommend him as a versatile performer and an engaging story teller who is equally at home on a workshop stage or performing in concert."
- Liz Harvey-Foulds, Artistic Director, Live From the Rock and Summerfolk

"Nathan is a literate, intelligent and sardonic songwriter who looks at life through the bottom of a soda bottle.  His wry observations are carefully crafted and sometimes quite hysterical, often leaving the audience in a mix of nervous tittering and outright laughter. [His] was the only daytime concert to receive an encore. I sure enjoyed presenting him at our festival."
- Hal Brolund, Artistic Director, Trout Forest Music Festival

"Nathan Caswell's lyrical syle had a perfect amount of quirky and serious, blended well with an acoustic guitar. With songs like 'Running Naked,' you've got any college kid cracking up (our full house certainly was)! In addition, the light, political commentary in songs like 'WMD' created a great reaction from the crowd and got their toes tapping!"
- Jeneane Gulling, Student Activities, Gustavus Adolphus College

"When I first saw Nathan Caswell last year, I really perked up. His lyrics were really witty and packed a punch, with awesome tunes to back them up. This year, he was one of the firsts on my list to book. I needed him back. People were really excited when he came, they counted down the days. He's charismatic and incredibly down to earth. It's as if he sings every song just for you, and every person in the room tends to feel that. He's a staple of TOE and it just wouldn't be a good semester without a show of his."
- Amanda Brennan, The Other End Coffee House, Drew University

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